Between the sheets in the hotel lurk mites and bacteria, unwanted guests!

Unwanted guests in the hotel sheets?

When you need to stay in a hotel, what you are looking for is the comfort and the pleasure of rest.

It is important to feel completely safe, as if you were at home, so as to eliminate tension and make your stay in the hotel pleasant.

However, this is not always possible ...

fodere antiacaro

In some rooms, often and willingly, real colonies of mites, bacteria and other microorganisms lurk.

Furthermore, it is possible that in the hotels there are completely no elementary measures designed for allergic people.

In fact, in addition to the various microorganisms, numerous allergens may also be hidden between the sheets of a bed.

To all this, we add the pathological conditions of the person himself. Just think of a simple cold, sneezing or coughing that could lead to a further increase in the microbial load with numerous health problems for people staying in the room.

What problems could mites and bacteria in hotel bedding cause?

fodere antiacaro per materassiThe presence of bacteria, mites or other microorganisms in hotel linens could lead to more or less serious pathologies, among which we must remember:

- Allergic rhinitis

Moreover, due to the microbial load present in the mattress cover, it is possible that various infections of the organism may occur: a possibility not to be excluded, especially if the person has weakened immunity due to stress, malnutrition, over-exhaustion or other factors.

1) Asthma

When talking about the problems caused by the bacteria in the sheets, one should not forget about asthma. It is a widespread disease that affects the airways (mainly the bronchi).

It is characterized by a sudden increase in hyper bronchial reactivity that is linked to numerous asthma attacks due to the narrowing of the bronchi.

Among the main symptoms of asthma, it is necessary to remember wheezing (when emanating air you hear hissing), a constant sense of constriction of the chest, coughing and even dyspnea.

In the vast majority of cases, asthma has a chronic course at the base of which there is a constant inflammatory state of the bronchi. The symptoms of the disease can appear suddenly or gradually; their intensity varies from one asthmatic crisis to another.


This pathology does not affect the respiratory tract but acts on the skin causing dermatitis. When in contact with bacteria the skin turns on a fiery red color, the person is struck by a constant sense of itching and is prone to scratching continuously.

However, the pathology is not infectious, but immune-irritative.

Depending on the cause, time of contact with the allergen and the response of the organism it is possible that the eczema is acute or chronic.

- Acute eczema shows redness, erosions, and crusts;
- Chronic eczema occurs with scales with the addition of hyperkeratosis.

In the hotel sector, the vast majority of cases of eczema development concern their acute typology. Eczema can also be treated thanks to the use of special creams.

3) Rhinitis

Rhinitis develops when the person comes into contact with allergens such as dust mites.

The main symptoms are the retro-nasal drip, the feeling of a stuffy nose, difficulty in breathing through the nose and a runny nose.

The most common form of rhinitis is allergic rhinitis caused mainly by dust, animal hair, pollen or dandruff.

In particular cases, the symptoms may also be associated with the eyes. For example, it is possible to develop ocular itching, conjunctivitis, and persistent tearing.

Check out some products to alleviate these symptoms.

How to prevent these diseases in the hotels?

To decrease the bacterial load and allergens from hotel linens it is necessary to follow hygiene rules.

In private homes, for example, it is necessary to wash the sheets at least once a week, while in hotels it is advisable to wash the bed accessories immediately after their use by the customer.

The simple washing, however, is not enough and it is advisable to use the anti-mite covers and, if possible, combine them with a wash with specialized anti-dust mite products..



These anti-mite certified liners are made with hypoallergenic and breathable materials, which reduces the bacterial load. It is no coincidence that the mite-resistant covers are certified as a medical device and are considered a valid obstacle to the spread of bacteria in the sheets.

fodere antiacaro certificate

Before buying any anti-mite sheets, however, it is important to turn to a serious, certified and well-prepared company to handle even the most complex situations.

One of those that own and offers numerous products designed specifically for people at risk, in order to help avoid the development of dangerous health problems.


In addition to the sheets, you need to think of complete prophylaxis dedicated to hotels and allergic people


Allergy Free Hotels provides a line of items dedicated to hotel facilities.

Thanks to our products it will be possible to perform complete prophylaxis in the hotel from every point of view to prevent the development of dangerous pathologies and improve the well-being of guests.