A true hotelier has the health and well-being of his guests at heart!


For a real hotelier, every customer is worth.

The key to transforming a hotel into a real hotel and a hotelier into a great hotelier is the quality of the services offered to the customer.

That is, to pass from standard quality services to services beyond expectations. Customer expectations that should always be overcome, by virtue of the satisfaction, not only of the expressed desires, but also of the unexpressed ones.


This objective is not just a programmatic datum or an invitation to overcome oneself; on the contrary, it is an inevitable need.

The tourist services sector has seen the number of operators grow exponentially. Among other things, hotels in the strict sense have overlapped and been joined by new accommodation facilities. First on all Bed and Breakfasts.

These, if in the past did not appear as direct competitors, have gradually refined their capabilities, but above all expanded the range of additional services offered.

This premise is necessary to highlight the value of each individual customer.

In the world of tourism, in short, there are many competitors, so an acceptable service is not enough to win over and retain the customer.

The first step: welcoming the guest

Unfortunately, too often, this error is fulfilled: considering the customer a number, a tourist that we will never see again.

accoglienza ospiti hotelThis is a mistake, first of all, logical. A loyal and satisfied guest will come back sooner or later.

Secondly, it is a strategic mistake, for better or for worse it will speak to its friends, acquaintances and family members of the services that you will have offered and of your stay.

You can therefore imagine the negative publicity of a disappointed customer and, conversely, of a satisfied one.

Finally, in the era of the internet, his opinion will also come to an indeterminate host of strangers and potential customers: just think of the applications that allow you to review a hotel.


The first step to satisfy the customer is the reception.

The first misconception to dispel is the belief that the reception begins with the arrival of the client in the hotel.

Mistaken. This begins before his arrival.

Once the reservation is received, find out about the type of holiday you have in mind. Help him to plan it, give him advice, make yourself available for every need and not only with the services of your structure.


During your guest's stay the rules are kindness and education.

Smile and always be courteous, even when there are organizational problems or problems with the staff, never let them shine on the outside. The second ingredient for a good reception is a perfect knowledge of the services that can be offered to the customer.

Don't let yourself be taken aback or unprepared, finally, you need to be flexible and able to solve problems that might arise.

Also putting in place energies or third-party tools (call a taxi, shuttle service, put the client in contact with a professional, medical assistance, etc.).

Rooms: the eye wants its part

pulizia delle camereA hotel is judged through the use of all the senses.

But without fooling ourselves, the eye plays a central role.

The first judgment takes place, forgive the pun, at first glance.
Indeed, for the 83% of the visitors the happiest moment of the stay is the one in which one sees one's room for the first time.

You certainly won't think that old and worn-out furniture can satisfy the eyes of customers.

So don't forget the furniture choices for any reason, don't limit yourself to furnishing, make design choices. For this, let a professional help you.

Renewing a hotel is a mandatory choice, but the investment returns, because unfortunately the impression you will give at first glance, unfortunately, you will not be able to recover.

Room cleaning

biancheria camere hotelAlso the sense of smell wants its part and a clean environment generally smells.

It seems obvious that a hotel should be clean, but in reality many hoteliers neglect this aspect.

Without using too many precautions, we will tell you right away that a dirty hotel is out of the market.


But going forward, there is cleanliness and cleanliness.

In this regard, we refer to the care of the customer's health, a spa is not enough to care about its well-being, in fact hygiene, inside the structure is connected to typical pathologies linked to the healthiness of indoor environments.


The measures we use at home should therefore not differ from those that a real hotelier should follow.



Use of chemical detergents and the consequences for the guest
In the composition of the most common products on the market, especially among detergents, numerous chemical substances are used.

pulizia camera hotelThese represent agents capable of triggering allergic reactions of a certain magnitude, in addition to that even the most mild manifestations are always very annoying. Generally, they cause reddening of the skin, contact dermatitis or, again, irritation of the respiratory tract, in addition to the classic allergic rhinitis. The customer, in the face of these situations, will not hesitate to reject you.

To avoid the classic detergent itching, the solution indicated by dermatologists is the use of ecological products.

You could make it a strong point of your hotel and publicize it, on the other hand environmental issues are increasingly at heart, in fact, even from the point of view of pollution, we are talking about zero-impact cleaning.

Dust mite allergies and prevention

allergia camera hotelPampering a customer does not only coincide with some chocolate in the room or with a welcome ticket.


In the life of a hotelier, attention to the client's health must necessarily be central..

The statistical data, on the subject, speak of a constant and disproportionate increase in the number of allergy sufferers. The causes are of various nature, but one above all: dust mites. It is a very common allergic reaction, mites and their secretions, cause redness, inflammation of the eyes, nose and throat.

Therefore, managing an accommodation cannot do without creating and maintaining a healthy environment for its guests.

A programmed sanitization system and some preventive measures can greatly reduce the allergens.

A sanitized and healthy environment for the customer, will help you to rise from the average of your competitors.