Greater attention to the cleanliness of the common areas in the Hotel

Why is it important to pay attention when cleaning Hotels?

The guests of a tourist facility like welcoming, modern and clean environments.

In particular, the cleaning and sanitation of the environments, whether these are the rooms or the common areas, must be scrupulous.

In addition to the furniture, the sheets and the beds, the toilets, the accessories such as cups, glasses and posts, it is essential that the armchairs, the carpet, the floors, the sofas in the waiting rooms and in general in the common areas are clean and sanitized.

Every environment must be neat, clean and must have a pleasant and non-invasive fragrance.

pulizia spazi comuni hotel

Many hoteliers concentrate their staff and equipment in the rooms because they believe that these should be cleaned more carefully.

However this belief is wrong. In fact, although the rooms need thorough cleaning, even the common areas need a lot of attention.

The passage areas or where guests are stationed / transiting with luggage are often dirty.

In particular the floors, the chairs, the sofas, the armchairs, the glass doors and the elevator push-button panel are the areas in which the bacteria settle more easily being also the most used ones.

If the guests of the hotel notice these details they could get a bad idea about the cleanliness of the structure and especially of the rooms.

Therefore it is necessary that the cleaning staff take care of the common areas with the same attention that they dedicate to the rooms.

The most important are:

• hall or reception (counters, armchairs, sofas, chandeliers, floors, entrance doors etc ...);
• corridors (floors, furniture and chandeliers);
• lifts and push-button panel;
• breakfast room or restaurant area (tables, chairs, buffets, counters, floors and surfaces);
• gym (tools, benches, changing rooms, floors, mats);
• spa (loungers, areas adjacent to the pool, changing rooms, floors, showers, massage beds).

Hall or reception, corridors and elevators

pulizia reception hotelOne of the most frequented common areas for hotel guests is undoubtedly the lobby / reception area.


In this area of the hotel structure, armchairs or small sofas are generally placed in the event of waiting at check-in or check-out, meetings or work meetings.

It is in these pieces of furniture that mites, dust, dirt and much more lurk.

For this reason it is important to clean and sanitize these areas very carefully, starting from the fabrics that cover sofas and armchairs.

Not only that, you can buy these furnishing accessories made with hypoallergenic materials and covered with anti-mite fabrics. In the same way, if you insert furniture in the corridors or if they are covered, it is important that they are easily washable and made with the right materials (anti-dust mite or hypoallergenic).

As for the floors of elevators or corridors not covered with carpet it is essential that they are cleaned and polished with specific products.

Finally, in the cleaning phase the counter tops, chandeliers and surfaces of the furniture on which the dust dispersed in the air is deposited and nestles in the fabrics of the furnishing accessories and any carpets are not to be underestimated.

These accessories must be carefully dusted so as to remove all residues, eliminate bacteria and avoid the accumulation of dust mites.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner room

pulizia ristorante hotelThe breakfast room and restaurant area must be cleaned, sanitized and sanitized with great care.

In addition to cleaning dishes, which plays a fundamental role, it is important that all surfaces such as tables, counters (if present), chairs, surfaces and tables in aluminum prepared for the buffet, are cleaned by removing bacteria and food residues.


Many consider that for this purpose it is necessary to use aggressive chemical detergents. However, these products can have an unpleasant odor and can be harmful to the health of guests.

For this reason steam can be used to effectively eliminate bacteria, thoroughly clean every surface and avoid unpleasant odors.

This element can be used on any surface and is able to remove incrustations and eliminate stains and unpleasant odors, counteracting their reappearance.

Gym and spa

pulizie palestra hotelThe wellness and spa area and the gym are very delicate environments that require a high standard of cleanliness and an attentive staff.

Tall tools, from the treadmill to the weights must be sanitized and cleaned carefully..

Similarly, the spa area with sun beds, sauna, changing rooms, swimming pools, etc. must be cleaned very carefully, scrupulously and carefully to prevent guests from incurring infections, warts and similar problems.

In addition to these problems, in common areas there is the risk of breathing dust and bacteria that can trigger allergies to customers. To guarantee all guests who frequent these areas of the hotel a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, it is possible to use ozone sanitizers.

This way you can keep the air hygienic and healthy.
A fundamental detail of the gym and spa is the presence of clean air and a pleasant fragrance. . To do this, devices are required to maintain an excellent level of air quality and prevent the formation of unpleasant odors.

Furthermore, avoiding chemical detergents with unpleasant odors and preferring steam and dispensers of natural essences can be the most suitable solution.