The revolutionary hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite fabric for sofas, armchairs and mattresses: X-Allergy


What is an allergy?

An allergy can be defined as a real disease of the immune system. In fact, in the presence of an allergen (a particle of various nature that causes the adverse reaction by the individual) the person begins to react in a variable manner, in some cases showing rashes, constantly sneezing and with many other related disorders.

tessuto antiacaro per divani

The causes of an allergy

It is not known precisely what the causes of an allergy may be, but it is assumed (and there is also scientific evidence on this) that the manifestation of an allergy to a specific agent is due to both genetic and environmental causes.

From a genetic point of view, heredity has not yet been highlighted, but it is established and shared by the scientific community that genes can predispose an individual to manifest an allergy.

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Much more important, on the other hand, is the contribution of the environment: beyond the factors dedicated to diet and the diet, it is believed that an overexposure to the agents causing the allergies can lead to its actual appearance.

The most insidious agent related to allergies: dust mite

acaro polvereIt is believed that about 1 child in 5 is sensitive to the allergens produced by the dust mite, and according to analysts this value is in net growth.

This worrying fact may be related to the very wide spread of mites, microscopic insects belonging to the class of arachnids that feed on decomposed human skin, dandruff and above all dust.

In reality, stakeholders are not sensitive to the dust mites themselves, but to the waste products they produce. In particular, mite allergens are some enzymes that concentrate in the faeces of these small insects.

The allergic manifestations related to the agents produced by the mite are different: it can be allergic rhinitis, asthma or even dermatitis.

A potential economic damage to the image of the hotel

Obviously, the problem does not only concern one's own homes, but above all the activities that offer a lodging service, such as hotels..

In some cases, the presence of dust mites can be a real limit for your business, as you cannot guarantee the safety and comfort of all your guests.


Certainly, in fact, a customer who experiences an allergy to mites during their stay will never return to that facility, nor will he recommend it to others.

In some cases, even customers can doubt the cleanliness of the rooms, even in cases where it is impeccable. 



The solution: X-allergy certified anti-mite fabric

tessuto x-allergyFortunately, a very valid solution has been developed, which can be extremely useful for hoteliers to avoid the onset of allergies to mites in their guests: the anti-mite fabric.


This fabric has a very important action against dust mites, avoiding contact between the host and the enzymes produced by the arachnids accumulated in the beds and pillows.

X-Allergy fabric was created with a very dense weave of fibers, that is with spaces between the interlaced microfibres that do not allow dust mites and allergens to pass through.

Some may think that this structure can cause bad transpiration, with other problems arising, but in reality it is not.

The fabric, in fact, is not completely occluded, but the microscopic channels formed by the texture are sufficiently wide to guarantee the passage of air and water vapor, guaranteeing the necessary transpiration for optimal comfort.

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Oltretutto, bisogna notare che il limite che impedisce il contatto tra acari e soggetto è di natura esclusivamente fisica, in quanto il tessuto non viene sottoposto ad alcun trattamento di natura chimica: in questo modo, quindi, si evitano altri eventuali allergie dovute al contatto con residui di reagenti o composti irritanti.
Furthermore, this fabric has been adequately tested, so its effectiveness is proven.


In addition to using this innovative fabric we recommend a complete certified sanitation program

I potenziali utilizzi di questo tessuto

La trama del tessuto è molto versatile, e può essere impiegata in vari modi, tutti in grado di garantire la sua azione e la sua efficacia.


Thanks to its characteristics, this fabric can also be used to make the cover that covers the mattress, for a restful rest worthy of an excellent hotel.


The fabric applications are not limited only to the coverings dedicated to the bed, indeed, it can be used for the production of cushions and sofas, guaranteeing total protection against mites and representing an excellent opportunity for a healthy restyling of the environments dedicated to the welcome of the guests.
materasso anallergicoAll the solutions listed so far refer to the bedroom, but we must not forget the importance of the common areas, also populated by unexpected dust mites.


Indeed, precisely these areas may be more susceptible to the spread of allergens in the air due to the frequent exchange of people and the continuous use of the equipment present.


In this regard, for example, within a hotel the fabric can be used to cover the sofas, armchairs and cushions of the hall, or for the chairs of the restaurant and breakfast area to improve hygienic conditions and the comfort of those who frequent the common areas without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of these accessories.