Our tips for choosing the perfect hotel for a holiday

Which hotel to choose when planning a vacation?

This question may be difficult to answer if you do not evaluate a series of elements.

The itinerary, the services offered, the economic part and the hygiene of a structure can make the difference between a dream vacation or one to forget.

Browsing the net and following some suggestions you can find a series of more or less interesting solutions based on your wishes.

Let's find out the main points to consider...

Come scegliere hotel

How to choose the best hotel based on the itinerary

The choice of the hotel must be made starting obviously from the final destination.

Regardless of the goal, it is important to evaluate the path to take and the reference structure must be easily accessible and adequately connected.

To avoid constantly moving around with your own vehicles or to make grueling walks on foot, it is useful to identify the hotel that has a good connection with buses, subways, train or bus station.


If, on the other hand, the purpose of the trip is to move on foot, a precise itinerary must be studied that allows for maximum organization to comply with a precise timetable..

In this case the hotel must be close to the main attractions of the resort, be they artistic, cultural or environmental.

IFinally, those who decide to take a holiday immersed in nature, also dedicating themselves to sporting activities, will have to choose a hotel that is in the vicinity of green areas where you can go jogging or cycle paths for bike rides.

Time to stay

How to choose the hotel based on the time of stay?

The duration of the holiday also influences the choice of the destination structure.

A hotel lacking certain characteristics, in fact, may not be adequate based on permanence.

Those who decide to make a short holiday may in fact prefer a B&B or a hotel with only breakfast service, instead those who prefer to stay for a longer time, should opt for a hotel that also has a restaurant service.

Hotel features

quale hotel scegliereEach hotel has certain characteristics that should not be underestimated in holiday planning


Those who want to bring their four-legged friend with them must inquire at the various facilities about the possibility of accommodating animals and possibly what services are offered for them such as, for example, dog sitter when you intend to make an excursion without of them.


Those who want to immerse themselves in total relaxation, on the other hand, should prefer a hotel equipped with a series of comforts such as swimming pool, spa, massages and much more.


If you love to have a holiday characterized by good food you should opt for a structure that offers a renowned restaurant service, while for those who prefer a sporting stay there are a number of hotels that provide gyms, bicycles and tools for their customers of every kind.

Evaluate the hygiene of a hotel

hotel allergia acariOnce the destination of the holiday has been identified, it is necessary to assess the level of hygiene of the structure and whether the well-being of the people is at heart, even those most sensitive to certain factors.


In fact, those who suffer from particular allergies may see their stay ruined with problems such as continuous sneezing, tears, but also significant breathing difficulties.

In this case it is advisable to inquire if the preferred facilities have a certified sanitation system and that they may be equipped with dedicated rooms where constant sanitation treatments are carried out.


These can in fact avert any kind of risk and diminish the negative effect that some allergens have on the body.

Among the various things to be informed about at the facility is the respect of a correct cleaning procedure which also requires total sanitization, especially in bedrooms where, by nature, you have the greatest risk of allergies.

It is also necessary to ask maintenance managers when the last reclamation of the ventilation systems took place, where micro-organisms may be present, which cause acute allergies, or to ask if an air sanitization treatment was carried out inside the room to eliminate bacteria, odors and allergens.

The economic factor

Before making any choice, it is mandatory to evaluate the budget for the holiday.

The structures that offer many services are in fact more expensive than others, even the period has a great influence on the final cost.

If the purpose of the holiday is to ski, for example, it is good to avoid high season periods and choose winter months such as February where snow is still present on the slopes but the cost of staying at the hotel is much lower than the week white for Christmas.

In addition to this, it is necessary to consider what is included in the daily price of the structure. Some hotels, in fact, provide packages that include all services, while others have individual additional costs for each of them.

Evaluate the various opinions and reviews

On the web there are many sites that allow users to evaluate some hotels based on reviews and opinions left by various customers.

Although this is still very subjective it is important to ask for advice from those who have already stayed in a particular structure.

Thanks to the advice of other vacationers it will in fact be possible to better evaluate all the elements listed above without any conditioning.

Those who have already experienced a similar experience will be able to say objectively if the hotel is well connected, if the restaurant is up and if the guaranteed services are of quality.

The reviews with photos made by guests are also very useful for checking the health and hygiene of the structure, so as not to find bad surprises on arrival.